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Toyota turns to wood

Car designers could turn to wood in a bid to make cars lighter, stronger and cheaper. Source: The Sun UK A material made from wood pulp is five stronger than steel but weighs 80% less, according to researchers in Japan. And a leading supplier to Toyota is working alongside the boffins
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Trump Towers no – Trump Trees

US President Donald Trump doesn’t believe in the science of human-caused climate change. He wants to ignore one of the greatest threats to healthy life on Earth. Source: Todayville Trump wants to bring back coal despite scientists telling us we cannot afford to burn it, and despite ec
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Quality assurance for NZ wood products steps up

New Zealand wood products already undergo strict and independent, third-party scrutiny to ensure that they comply with the NZ Building Code. Source: Timberbiz All NZ wood products are made to standards and codes set by the official NZ standards body, Standards New Zealand, and by the
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Build Christchurch new stadium in wood

NZ First Leader Winston Peters wants Christchurch’s new stadium to be built out of New Zealand-grown timber. Source: Stuff NZ He wants the Government make a major injection into the project, but only if the stadium earns revenue 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and only if it
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Lifecycle assessments whitepaper

A new whitepaper has been released recently on the importance of lifecycle assessments, sponsored by composite timber specialist Innowood. Source: Architecture And Design The paper titled Improving transparency: how lifecycle assessments help preserve our forests examines our dependen
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Hawaii tree disease a threat to NZ

A disease wiping out native forests in Hawai’i could do the same to pōhutukawa and rātā here if biosecurity measures are not stepped up, leading botanists warn. Source: Radio New Zealand Rapid ōhi’a death has killed hundreds of thousands of Hawai’i’s native pōh
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A look into Ironbark Timber history

Ironbark Timber Products was started in my family’s backyard in Buderim in 1980 by my father David Brady and his friend Laurie Morgan says Simon Brady. So, I grew up around timber from the time I was eight years old. Mum and dad were running the tennis centre then. Sunshine Coas
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NZ conservationists take kauri back to court

Northland conservationists who oppose the export of swamp kauri are heading back to court for another round with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Source: Radio New Zealand The High Court last year dismissed allegations by the Northland Environmental Protection Society (NEPS)
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FWPA’s multimedia ad campaign delivers

A recent series of 15 second commercials showing different applications of wood and their benefits, boosted by online content marketing, have achieved results. Source: Timberbiz The results exceed media industry averages and increased the number of consumers who say they are more like
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