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Timber company sets up training in Maryborough

A timber company will open a training centre in Maryborough after struggling to fill vacant positions because of unqualified applicants. Source: Fraser Coast Chronicle Sunchip Group managing director Mark Blackberry said roles offering a yearly salary of $80,000 and a work-life balanc
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Demand for wood eats into European forests

More than half of Europe’s forests have disappeared over the past 6000 years thanks to increasing demand for agricultural land and the use of wood as a source of fuel, new research led by the University of Plymouth suggests. Source: Science Daily Using pollen analysis from more
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Should trees be burnt for energy

As the European Union Parliament debates changes to a directive on renewable energy, more than 650 scientists have signed a letter demanding an amendment to the directive’s definition of forest biomass. Source: Forest News CIFOR Under the current definition, nations and industries can
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Pop ups and high rise CLT the go for 2018

More pop-up shops, high-rises made of wood and the demise of big box shopping malls — these are just some of the architecture trends you can expect to see in 2018. Source: ABC News Celebrated Brisbane architect Michael Rayner said tastes were changing when it came to spaces in which p
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Timberlink Blenheim cause for complaints

The boss of a timber mill has played down the number of complaints lodged about its smoke emissions, pointing out the mill was once on the outskirts of town, but is now surrounded by houses. Sources: The Marlborough Express, Stuff NZ Neighbours of Timberlink in Burleigh, Blenheim have
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Paper bags not plastic

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is calling for a ban of single use light weight plastic bags nationally. Source: Timberbiz “It is good to see that many jurisdictions have already taken the step to ban single use light weight plastic bags,” CEO of AFPA, Mr Ross Hampto
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Jim Anderton’s legacy to NZ forest industry 

The Forest Owners Association is paying tribute to Jim Anderton for his contribution to the forest industry. Source: Scoop NZ President Peter Clark says Jim Anderton had a keen eye for the significance of forestry in the New Zealand economy and appreciated targeted government support
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Quintis shareholders seek to remove directors

A prominent Kununurra farmer is among a group of shareholders seeking to remove three directors from the embattled Indian sandalwood producer Quintis. Source: ABC News Rural The company formerly known as Tropical Forestry Services which controls more than 12,000 hectares of Indian san
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Unfair sacking cost $12k

A logging worker unfairly sacked just months after going off the benefit has been awarded more than NZ$12,000 by the Employment Relations Authority. Source: Radio NZ Nigel Brown started working for Te Kohu Logging in Hamilton in February last year after relocating from Tokoroa. After
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Expletive text not explicit enough

If you received a text from your boss saying: “F…… useless. Make this your last week, f…… wasting my time”, what would you think? Would you think you were fired? Or would you brush it off as your boss having a bad day? Source: Stuff NZ That text is
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