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Friday analysis: The highs & lows of 2020 shine a light on the forestry fighting spirit

To say 2020 has been quite a year is a massive understatement. It has been a year like no other. That we appear to have come out the other end more-or-less intact is an understatement. Source: Bruce Mitchell

There were too many lows this year to mention in detail or dwell upon at this time of year – the Victorian Government’s unrelenting push to close the native timber industry in that State, fires, mill closures, COVID-19, China.

It’s all too fresh in the memory and in fact many of us are still living through it one way or the other.

But there were also so many highs, and the timber industry’s resilience is at the very top.

If we have learnt anything in the past 12 months, it is that the future is totally unpredictable.

The impact of 2020 will be felt across the world for many years to come.

It would be too easy to throw in the towel, but too many people rely on the timber industry for that to be an option.

Yes, the industry overall has had an ordinary year. But without the fighting spirit of the people who make up that industry – the representative bodies, the politicians, the logging contractors, the mills and everyone in between and beyond – it would be in a far worse place.

The fact that so many people will not throw in that towel shows the resilience inherent in the industry. A very proud industry.

And so, from Daily Timber News, Merry Christmas everyone, and may 2021 herald a new start to a great future.