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With the COVID-19 crisis resulting in Timber Offsite Construction having to cancel this year’s event, there remains an industry information dissemination void that can and should be filled.

To fill that void, this edition of Australasian Timber Magazine features a Timber Construction Forum in a one-off virtual event for 2020.

Australasian Timber Magazine (ATM) has been serving the industry for more than 30 years (originally Australian Timberman) and is the ‘go to/solutions based’ journal for timber manufacture, technology, construction and design suppliers.

In recent years, the advancement around the science of fasteners, connections, and glues has become a game-changer, enabling wood to compete on a level playing field with concrete and steel.

Engineered wood is now being used more and more in commercial buildings across Australia.

In this Timber Construction Forum we feature the advancements in engineered wood and prefabrication across Australia and overseas.

We report on the important research the University of Tasmania’s Centre for Sustainable Architecture, a South Australian plant specialising in panelisation, Timberlink’s CLT and GLT plant plans and the extraordinary construction of pre-fabricated engineered timber bridges.




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