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A need to invest more in pulp and paper

Investment in Australia’s pulp and paper industry needs to grow by at least 20% over the next five years to expand the sector, according to the industry’s 2018 Sustainability Report. Investment this year was $8 billion, while local production of paper and paperboard was 3.251 million
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Wood processors working together in NZ

The most efficient use of existing wood resources in regional New Zealand is to cluster wood processors in places with significant forestry resources. There, they can use forestry residues as feedstock for other products or for heat in wood processors or other industries. According to
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New ForestWorks directors

ForestWorks AGM was held on 29 November in the ForestWorks’ Melbourne office. The 2017-18 Annual Report was presented by acting chair Tony Price and there was an election of new directors. Source: Timberbiz Ross Hampton was elected as an employer nominee and Denise Campbell-Burns was
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VEAC’s draft proposals ignore real issues in Central West

Victorian Environment Assessment Council (VEAC) draft forestry proposals for Central West Victoria slug the region’s timber industry, while ignoring its economic importance and its role in fighting fires and maintaining biodiversity, according to the state’s peak forestry body. The dr
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Trees to decline in productivity with climate change says new research

Southwest forest in the US may decline in productivity on average as much as 75% over the 21st century as climate warms, according to new research. The new estimate is better than previous ones because it is based on a new database of information on the growth of trees under average c
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A culture of safety at Stora Enso

What makes a safe mill? Safety gear, warning signs, safer machines? They all help but it’s people who create a strong safety culture. Stora Enso says this means finding root causes for accidents, sharing our learnings, and caring for one another. Source: Timberbiz “When there’s an acc
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Birch trees dress Finnish first lady

Finland has always drawn on its vast forests for inspiration, and the country can now lay claim to fashion worthy of admiration by design and nature lovers worldwide. A diverse team at Aalto University has designed and produced an evening gown made of Finnish birch trees, using a sust
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16 Kangaroo Island scholarships awarded

The Kangaroo Island Country Education Fund has awarded more than $20,000 in grants to young people pursuing further education in 2019. Holly Muecke was the recipient of the $2000 Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers scholarship, and will study a Bachelor of Marine Science next year. Sou
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Taking the fuel out of bushfire risk

Australia’s forest managers will have a better understanding of mechanical fuel load reduction as a tool to reduce bushfire risk thanks to the $1.5 million Mechanical Fuel Load Reduction Trials. Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Richard Colbeck, said bush
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