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Are Greens spiking trees in Tasmania? A deadly serious concern for sawmillers

Tasmanian Police are investigating fresh allegations of “deadly” tree spiking in Tasmanian forests, as protests in logging areas starts up again. The spiked logs were supplied to at least two southern Tasmanian sawmills on Tuesday, destroying saws worth up to $15,000 and,
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Opinion: Tim Johnston – Forestry can support our return to normal

In recent days the State and Commonwealth Governments have begun to announce plans for a phased relaxation of the restrictions in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. This welcome news has come after many weeks of uncertainty and anxiety for Victorians, and I’m sure I’m not alone in
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Opinion: Dr Nerida Anderson and Professor Rodney Keenan – forestry is a great opportunity for farmers

Australia’s catastrophic bushfires earlier this year may seem like a long time ago now as focus has shifted to the COVID-19 pandemic, but their impact continues. The fires, which devastated the country’s east, had a major impact on timber resources in both plantations and
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Friday Analysis: Spiking a log is simply bastardry

It is surprisingly hard to put into words the bastardry being inflicted on Tasmania’s mill operators. Spikes have been found in several trees at two Tasmanian sawmills leaving political parties at loggerheads over who is responsible for the industrial sabotage. Source: Bruce Mitchell
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Swedish company promoting natural forest not clearcutting

The popular image of Sweden as a forest-rich nation is no myth: 58% of the land area is productive woodland. But beyond this statistic lies another disturbing one. Nearly three-quarters of Swedish forests are less than 60 years old, and most of the woodland comprises spruce and pine p
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Forest Landowners call on US Congress for financial certainty

Forest Landowners (FLA) in the US is calling for Congress to finally provide much-needed financial certainty during the COVID-19 crisis for forest farmers, ensuring rural communities that depend on a timber economy will have the financial certainty to replant their lands after the los
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West Papua petition to stop trade in rainforest kwila

National network West Papua Action Aotearoa, this week launched a petition calling on “Trade Me” to stop the trade of the rainforest timber kwila/merbau on their site. Source: Timberbiz “In 2010 we negotiated an agreement that Trade Me would only allow kwila products that had two very
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Upgrade for Scion research nursery

Scion’s research nursery has been upgraded with new facilities and demonstrations of state-of-the- art machinery not yet used in New Zealand forestry. The facilities are pilot scale, but show how a modular, automated, lean-flow, environmentally sustainable propagation facility could w
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VicForests wants input on Management of High Conservation Value

VicForests is seeking input from interested and affected parties on its updated Management of High Conservation Value (HCV) documentation. The deadline for submissions is 29 May, after which VicForests will finalise this version of the Management of High Conservation document. Source:
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