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Briquettes to add value in Eden

A planned briquette plant at the Eden export facility is expected to add value to the wood by-products and residues generated at the site. Source: Timberbiz Pentarch Forestry’s briquette plant will compress, and package low value wood residues from processing and produce around 8000 t
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Opinion: Peter Boyer – Tas future to rely on plantations

It has been said many times that before spending a penny of public money on super-expensive technical solutions to get carbon out of the air and into the ground, we should just plant trees. A major study published in October by Nature enlarges on that idea. It advocates “re-wilding” l
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Opinion: John O’Donnell – Tough times where are the opportunities

Our Australian economy is going through a relatively tough time at the moment, including in regard to COVID-19 and trade actions. There are current issues across Australia in regard to timber exports to China, an important Australian export market and there have been export restrictio
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Friday analysis: Good plans for 2021 but China isn’t one of them

2021 seems to have got off to a reasonably good start with plans announced for a pellet plant on Kangaroo Island, a briquette plant at the Eden export facility and funding for Gippsland’s fire damaged road system. But the China problem just won’t go away. Source: Bruce Mitchell It’s C
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Ponsse invests in developing its digital business

Ponsse is planning significant investments in the development of its digital business. The company will open vacancies for 10 positions in digital development as part of its extensive development of digital services. Source: Timberbiz The significance of data-based services is increas
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Action on potential fraud in plywood supply chains

FSC has suspended and terminated several FSC certificates in the plywood supply chain. This move comes after systematic violations of FSC certification requirements were uncovered in an extensive investigation by ASI and FSC into plywood supply chains using tropical face veneers. The
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Digital training in forestry

Xtractor, which is part of Semcon Group, has embarked upon a new partnership with Biometria, a key stakeholder in Swedish forestry. A new learning management system (LMS) will make Biometria’s digital training courses more modern and effective. In the long run, this will give more peo
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One-off tree saved from fire in NZ

A fire on the remote Manawatāwhi/Three Kings Islands, north of New Zealand, is believed to have been lit by fireworks or a flare from a boat. The islands are a wildlife sanctuary and home to the last remaining wild Three Kings Kaikōmoko, Pennantia baylisiana, the rarest tree in the wo
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Doing Timber Business in Queensland 2021

Join Queensland’s industry supply chain at a one-day symposium followed by barefoot bowls and BBQ networking. This event is in lieu of Timber Queensland’s 2020 conference and it presents an informal opportunity for industry stakeholders to come together, reconnect and network in
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