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Last fire salvaged wood points to a bleak future for forest contractors

The Australian Forest Contractors Association wants Federal and State governments to assist contracting businesses on New South Wales’ South West Slopes. AFCA general manager Stacey Gardiner said that the forest industry recently celebrated the last load of fire salvaged wood hauled t
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SA emergency summit shows domino effect of timber shortage

An emergency summit at South Australian Parliament has been told Australia’s timber shortage is not just hurting builders but is having a “big domino effect” on trades dependent on the construction industry. Source: Timberbiz, ABC The summit on Wednesday organised by
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Opinion Peter Rutherford: Astroturfing – Activist Slur or a Badge of Honour

It seems Forest and Wood Communities Australia (FWCA) has struck a raw nerve within the activist community. A journalist, Natasha May, from Michael West Media contacted Justin Law at FWCA with a number of questions and opinions about FWCA. She was tight lipped about what triggered her
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Friday analysis: timber crisis solution for SA could be KIPT

This week’s summit in Adelaide on the dire situation the building industry finds itself in has highlighted how bad the crisis really is. John Bowen from Bowen Timber in Melbourne has already said he doesn’t know “when this craziness will end”. GCJ Constructions project manager Nathan
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Indonesia furniture industry to get more government support

Indonesia’s Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, said the performance of the country’s furniture sector was very encouraging and as a result it will get more support from the government. Source: Tropical Timber Market Report Furniture exports in 2020 increased by around 8
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Blockchain comes to forestry in pilot program

Information Technology is playing an important role in evolving FSC’s toolset to protect its reputation and credibility, strengthen assurance, and to combat fraudulent trade claims. Source: Timberbiz FSC has now expanded its capabilities to detect and respond to risks to include more
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25 points of improvement for Komatsu C-heads

From today the cutting unit on all Komatsu C-heads, Constant Cut, will benefit an upgraded design. The upgrade contains no less than 25 points and represents a number of improvements for customers, both in terms of increased productivity and better flow in the production. Source: Timb
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Founding staff member of Multinail retires

One of the founding staff members of Multinail, Mark Ford, has retired from the industry after almost 40 years of service. Source: Timberbiz Mr Ford joined Multinail from Hasting’s Trusses in the late ’80s and was involved deeply in all aspects training and supporting fabricators that
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Uni of Tas with industry develop first professional timber design course

The University of Tasmania has partnered with industry to develop Australia’s first professional course specialising in timber design and construction to help meet this demand. The Master of Professional Engineering (Timber Design) is offered for study from Semester 2, July 2021. Sour
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