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Tasmanian Greens leader must apologise for disgraceful slur

Cassy O’Connor

The Greens leader in Tasmania Cassy O’Connor must apologise for the disgraceful public slur made this week against the State’s forestry workers on radio show Tasmania Talks, says Forest & Wood Communities Australia. Source: Timberbiz

Ms O’Connor accused timber workers of carrying out a tree spiking incident early last year which could have caused serious injury or death when the log containing the spike was milled.

“If she has the evidence, let’s see it?” said FWCA director Kelly Wilton. “Otherwise, her comments can only be seen as inflammatory, baseless and just another example of The Greens scrabbling for relevance at election time.

“It’s gutter politics and typical of the demonisation and mental abuse that has been inflicted for decades on good hard-working people by corporate activism’s political wing.”

Ms Wilton said instructions on how to conduct tree spiking appear in the activism handbook A Field Guide To Monkey Wrenching used by the Bob Brown Foundation.

“Is this The Greens appalling attempt to deflect attention from its former leader?” Ms Wilton said. “It is not the first time Ms O’Connor has displayed such spite.

“In March 2017, Ms O’Connor was in hot water over her comments that ‘log trucks kill people’, insinuating that drivers have no regard for human life and were somehow responsible in all crashes.”

Ms Wilton said you only had to look at video of debate in Tasmania’s Upper House to see how The Greens conduct themselves.

“The Greens frequently interject and talk over speakers showing how completely intolerant they are of views other than their own,” Ms Wilton said.

“They and Ms O’Connor are a disgrace and serve no purpose in our society other than to tear down communities and legitimate business.

“The illegal workplace invasions they participate in are cynical exploitation of our right to protest purely to assist money-grabbing corporate activists who sell our right to protest purely to assist money-grabbing corporate activists who sell outrage to maintain their multi-million-dollar budgets.”