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Opinion John O’Donnell: A potential new approach for southern regional states

State Governments make decisions for regional areas of southern states, some good, some neutral and some poor.  Some decisions are made without adequate consultation with affected regional people and communities. Source: John O’Donnell We have the right of free expression in this coun
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Analysis: NSW does it right with a new department, Victoria still wracked by uncertainty

This week marked the official end to the most devastating bush fire season in New South Wales’ history. Nationally the fire season, which is still in force in Victoria and South Australia, was unprecedented in terms of conditions experienced, the loss of lives and property, and the th
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Weyehaeuser sells 630,000 acres of timberlands in Montana

Weyerhaeuser Company announced the completion of the sale of its 630,000 acres of Montana timberlands to Southern Pine Plantations for approximately US$145 million in cash. Source: Timberbiz The company anticipates it will incur minimal tax liability in conjunction with the sale. R
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JCB now building ventilators not excavators

JCB received a direct appeal from Prime Minister Boris Johnson to help plug the national ventilator shortage and to help save lives of Coronavirus patients. Following the approach, JCB Chairman Lord Bamford promised to help in any way the company could and immediately mobilised a rese
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JCB halts production at UK plants

JCB has stopped production at most of its UK manufacturing plants as disruption resulting from the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic causes an unprecedented reduction in global demand. Source: Timberbiz The company has halted production for almost two weeks at most of its nine manufactur
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Implementation of 2020 PEFC Standard and Trademark

PEFC has provided a detailed guidance document on the new Standards and logo use rules outlining how the new documents are to be implemented. Source: Timberbiz In January 2020, PEFC published the 2020 versions of three vital international standards: Chain of Custody (ST 2002), PEFC Tr
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Upcoming WA timber auction cancelled

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Forest Products Commission wishes to advise that the specialty timber auction scheduled for Saturday, 4 April 2020 has been cancelled. Source: Timberbiz The next specialty timber auction is scheduled for 20 June 2020. At this stage the auction
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Determining self-extinguishment characteristics of CLT

A full-scale fire test using Xlam supplied CLT was undertaken at the QFES’ White’s Island Live Fire Training facility. Hyne Timber and XLam are supporters of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Hub to Transform Future Tall Timber Buildi
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KIPT shares drop 53% following trading suspension

Shares in Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers dropped by 53% on Tuesday after its voluntary suspension of trading was lifted. Source: Timberbiz KIPT suspended trade in January while the company assessed the damage from the bushfires which burnt in excess of 90 per cent of its assets va
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