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Night surveys, day surveys – VicForests is on the lookout

Recently multiple publications have claimed VicForests did not conduct night surveys. This is demonstrably false according to VicForests. VicForests undertook surveys both at night and during the day given the differing needs of the array of species that make up the valuable biodivers
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Australian imports of American timber sky high

The latest data from the United States Department of Agriculture shows stellar growth in the export of American red oak lumber to Australia in the first quarter of 2024. Source: Timberbiz Compared with the same period in 2023 there has been a value increase of 1687% to over US$4 milli
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Prefab and modular construction can relieve housing calamity

The use of prefab and modular construction can help to improve the capacity issues the industry is currently facing according to HIA Managing Director, Jocelyn Martin. Source: Timberbiz Ms Martin was speaking at a government roundtable designed to consider the barriers and opportuniti
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Queensland’s looming building materials crisis

Timber Queensland is warning of a looming building materials crisis due to a lack of policy and budget measures for increasing future timber supply to help meet the state’s rising housing demand. Source: Timberbiz “While we support the critical need to accelerate housing and building
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Recycled plastic in plywood packaging

Over the last decade, plastic waste has more than doubled to 353 million tonnes in 2019, according to the OECD Global Plastic Outlook. It is clear to governments, businesses and citizens that something must be done now to slow down this alarming development. Source: Timberbiz As part
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PEFC Forest Forum in Paris

At this year’s PEFC Forest Forum in Paris, five engaging speakers discussed the future of forests in policy, the benefits of forest certification for responsible businesses, and the need to align demand-side expectations with those of forest owners globally. Source: Timberbiz “With is
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FAO webinar on World Environment Day focusses on Asian region

As global environmental concerns escalate, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), is at the forefront of promoting various aspects of restoring degraded lands on a global scale, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Source: Timberbiz This critical effort
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Innovatek on the tough challenges in New Zealand forestry

People across the forest industry are facing some of the toughest challenges in the past decade with weather, markets and regulations all challenging the best of our foresters. Source: Timberbiz One way for people to make positive change in the face of adversity is to network with oth
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