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Top 5: Market Points from IndustryEdge

  • 448,686m3 – Australia’s log exports in February 2018, dominated by 403,136m3 of softwood logs
  • AUD14.895 million – the value of dressed sawn softwood imports to New South Wales in February 2018, on a free-on-board basis
  • 12.4% – growth in the value of timber windows imported to Australia for the year-ended February, with imports for the year valued at AUD28.7 million, in a sure sign of the continuation of the domestic housing boom
  • 57,030m3 – imports of sawn hardwood for the year-ended February 2018, with Malaysia’s 19,792m3 accounting for more than one-third
  • 4.9% – Australia’s imports of pulp rose to 308,665 tonnes for the year-ended February, supporting ongoing interest in increasing domestic pulp production capacity

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