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Discussion paper recognises farm and plantation forestry in zero emissions strategy

Farm forester Mark Wootton at his Jigsaw Farms property in western Victoria.

The Australian Forest Products Association has welcomed the Federal Government’s Agriculture, Land and Emissions Discussion Paper which highlights the important role that sustainable forestry can and is already playing in helping Australia meet its net zero emissions targets. Source: Timberbiz

Acting Chief Executive Officer of AFPA Natasa Sikman said the discussion paper highlighted farm forestry and agroforestry as “examples of how carbon, agriculture and timber production can work together”.

“This is great acknowledgment for our renewable and sustainable forest products sector and builds on AFPA’s advocacy both in Australia and at COP27 when we partnered with the National Farmers’ Federation to showcase Mark Wootton, and the significant role his production trees played in achieving carbon neutrality for Jigsaw Farms,” Ms Sikman said.

Jigsaw Farms is 3378-hectare family property 15 kilometres north of Hamilton in Western Victoria which integrates forestry, carbon and indigenous plantings with high-productivity grazing on a large scale.

The paper recognises Farm forestry and plantation forestry for wood production’ as an established and scalable technology for carbon sequestration and storage.

“It is great to see (the) discussion paper listing farm forestry co-benefits for landowners including shade and shelter for livestock, reduced soil erosion and improved water quality. It also highlights the importance of proximity to processing infrastructure for commercial viability – right tree, right place, right purpose,” Ms Sikman said.

AFPA’s 18 by 2030 industrywide commitment was also noted in the discussion paper, as what could be done, if the right policies are implemented.

“Whilst AFPA welcomes the discussion paper as a positive step in the right direction, policy and decision makers still need to better recognise the sector and its potential to address the current challenges Australia faces in meeting its net zero by 2050 targets,” she said.

“With the right policies the sector’s full potential can be recognised while also delivering multiple benefits for the country, our farmers, the environment, and broader society.

“AFPA looks forward to engaging with the Government on this discussion paper and will develop a submission as to how the broader forests products sector can work with Government to deliver real and tangible solutions to meet Australia’s net zero targets.”