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Tassie’s wishlist for forestry

Adding value to timber products on-island is essential to supporting local Tasmanian forestry businesses, jobs across the state, and regional and rural communities, according to the Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA). Source: Timberbiz Speaking at the official launch of the
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Opinion: James Oxenham – Navigating the path to a net-zero timber industry

In the wake of COP28’s landmark agreement and the global push for sustainability, the Australian construction industry is at a pivotal crossroads. The Buildings Breakthrough initiative, launched at COP28 with support from 27 nations, has underscored the urgent need to transform
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Friday analysis: Hardly surprising hardwood imports rise

The news that US hardwood timber exports to Australia increased by 22% in 2023 with nearly 9000 cubic metres of red oak coming into the country should not come as a surprise to anyone. The end to native timber harvesting in Victoria and Western Australia has certainly had a massive fl
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British Airways to plant oak trees

Forestry England and British Airways have a one-year partnership to support planting 9,000 oak trees and help create an area of wildflower meadow at Wing Wood in Buckinghamshire. Source: Timberbiz Wing Wood is a new 51-hectare woodland Forestry England is creating to be an inspiring g
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Converting waste heat into electricity with wood

A new study by researchers at University of Limerick has revealed a sustainable method of efficiently converting waste heat into electricity using Irish wood products, while minimising costs and environmental impact. Source: Timberbiz The groundbreaking study, led by researchers at UL
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Canadians create a hybrid truck for logging

An interesting story has been emerging about two Merritt, Canada residents who have created a hybrid (diesel/electric) logging truck prototype that displays innovations and dedication to sustainability. It has taken them two years and over a million dollars (of crowd-source funds most
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Innovations in log transport follow-up event

In log transport, an array of new innovations around electric, hydrogen and diesel-hybrid powered vehicles, truck automation and platooning continue to be rolled out. Right now, there’s huge interest being shown by local forestry and log haulage companies. Already, many firsts for fue
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Rewriting the rules of tree propagation

Scion is rewriting the rulebook on tree propagation, ushering in a new era for forestry. It’s a world where trees are beginning their lives in a lab and where scientists are harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to boost productivity. Buckle up because the future of forestry
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The complexity of timber harvesting across multiple fronts

Australia is home to 134 million hectares of forests covering approximately 17% of the land area, and storing an estimated 10.5 billion tonnes of carbon, with 98.8% held in native forests. Source: Architecture & Design Of the 132 million hectares of native forest primarily dominat
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