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IFA slams decision to cut university funding for environmental studies

The Institute of Foresters (IFA/AFG), the professional association representing some 1000 forest scientists, researchers and professional forest managers, has said that the almost one third cut to university funding of environmental studies courses is short sighted. Source: Timberbiz
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Queensland polling shows Government action needed to grow local forestry

Recent polling in regional seats in both southern and northern Queensland have identified an overwhelming response by voters for more Government action to grow the local forest and timber industry. Source: Timberbiz The uComms poll conducted in five regional electorates in the last we
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TimberforTumba gains flurry of support from council and public

  TimberforTumba is a new community cause to help the Tumbarumba Mill get support to bring plantation pine logs from further afield and retain as many jobs as possible for the town and economy. Source: Timberbiz Tumbarumba Chamber of Commerce President, Ken Dale said the Chamber
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Opinion: Mark Poynter – VicForests’ latest failed bid for FSC certification deserves deeper scrutiny

The recent announcement of VicForests’ latest failed attempt to attain FSC Controlled Wood certification yet again spawned public recriminations that irrationally equate Victorian native forest timber production with corrupt, illegal, poorly regulated and unsustainable practices that
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Freestanding free form shells make a new roof for sliding track

A 1350m long bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track at the Thuringian Winter Sports Centre in Oberhof will have a freestanding complex wooden roof of curved plywood free form shells glued directly on milled arches. Source: Timberbiz The sports centre is currently undergoing extensive mode
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Stora Enso to re-evaluate forestry assets

Stora Enso has decided to start using a valuation method for its forest assets in the Nordics based on market transaction data and change the accounting policy from the fourth quarter of 2020 onwards. Preliminary estimations, based on transactions in those areas in which Stora Enso ha
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Better job site visibility and visualization with John Deere TimberMatic

John Deere has expanded its TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager software to incorporate data from the Waratah H-16 Measuring System. With the new capability, the TimberMatic Maps system collects production data from harvesting heads equipped with the Waratah H-16 system, providing real
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Timber Offsite Construction conference zeroes in on a carbon future for timber

Just as technology has revolutionised the use of timber in construction; it is revolutionising the way attendees can participate in the most important global timber and mass wood event on the calendar. Source: Timberbiz ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ organised by Frame Australia has ma
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Forestry business outlook for NZ looks stable

Forty-three people from various parts of New Zealand’s domestic and international forest products supply chains participated in the latest Forestry Business Outlook. These participants represent a substantial component of the NZ forestry industry. Source: Timberbiz While coronavirus c
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