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AKD rebranding promotes its Australian Made source

Over the coming months, the market will start to see AKD products being wrapped in a new plastic design. AKD has always been Australian grown and made, but the company believes it is timely to ensure this is understood and prominent in its supply chain and particularly in customers’ yards. Source:  Timberbiz

The company has made several changes to the new wrap design.  They are:

  • A simplified company logo, dropping the “Softwood” from the logo
  • The Australian Grown & Made logo has been added to AKD’s wrap design
  • A new termite resistant blue pine product name – Terminator which is well known in the Northern state markets. This product is made at Colac, Tumut and Caboolture sites.
  • A new name for AKD’s outdoor structural H3 range – Endura.

The Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) is throwing its support behind Australian manufacturers and growers, as they continue to lead the way in Australia’s recovery from COVID-19.

“By calling on Australians to buy Australian right now, not only will we get products made to some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world, we can create local jobs and economic activity that will aid in the recovery process, while also strengthening our local manufacturing capabilities,” AMCL Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro said.

“A coordinated push to ‘buy local’ has the potential to play a big part in getting Australia back online. So, whether it’s doing the weekly grocery shopping, buying online, sourcing supplies for business or procuring products for major projects, let’s make sure we look for the trusted Australian Made logo to be sure its authentically Australian.”

AKD became an Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) licensee last year and believes that the Australian Made kangaroo logo is one of the most trusted and well recognized Aussie symbols.

According to Roy Morgan Research, almost all Australians (99%) are aware of the Australian Made logo and 88% trust the mark as an identifier of genuine Australian products. The vast majority (84%) associate the logo with supporting local jobs and employment and over half of Australians associate the logo with products that are of high quality (58%) and are produced using ethical labour (57%).

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and clean and green attributes were similarly top of mind, with nearly half of Australians (49%) connecting them with the logo.

During these uncertain and challenging times, every Australian has become more aware and conscious of supporting Australian owned and made products as consumers. The Australian Made Campaign (AMCL) is also calling on Australia’s business community and all levels of government to adopt ‘buy Australian first’ procurement policies, to help fast-track the country’s resurgence as it plans its recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

A coordinated push to ‘buy local’ has the potential to play a big part in getting Australia back online.

“Australia’s economic landscape will be forever changed, however there is an opportunity for federal, state and local governments, as well as Australia’s business community, to take the lead and put policies in place that prioritise genuine Aussie products for major projects, supply contracts and everyday consumables,” Mr Lazzaro said.

“Reinvesting in local industry and local jobs through sustainable purchasing policies will go a long way towards helping Australia bounce back.”

Research conducted by Roy Morgan Research in 2017 found that while three quarters of businesses had a preference for buying Australian products, only 26% of those surveyed were found to have an official policy in place.

Australia’s overreliance on imported products has been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s time to address this imbalance,” Mr Lazzaro said. “Let’s take a long-term view and increase our level of manufacturing self-sufficiency. While there will always be a requirement for imports, it’s important we get the balance right between local and offshore manufacturing, to ensure Australia’s long-term prosperity.”

Given the rise in demand for locally made and grown goods by consumers and businesses alike, it is even more important for local producers such as AKD to market their products with prominent country-of-origin branding.