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HIA to ensure politicians are aware of need for housing pre-election

With the official launch of the federal election campaign HIA will be working hard to ensure that all sides of politics have a clear plan on how to help all Australians have safe and secure housing. Source: Timberbiz

“HIA has long argued that getting people into their own home is one of the best things a government can do for the national economy. It provides financial security for individuals at the same time as providing a positive trickle on effect into the wider Australian economy,” said HIA Managing Director Graham Wolfe.

“Recent research commissioned by HIA on home ownership once again confirmed that Australians aspire to own their own home, however many are pessimistic about whether that dream can be achieved.

“The research also found that voters in this election put home ownership amongst their top three priorities, after cost of living and health, but before other priorities like education, population growth and infrastructure.

“Clearly home ownership still matters. HIA is keen to hear what policies each party plans to adopt to address this key issue.

“HIA’s federal election imperatives 2022 address nine key areas that impact housing supply, land supply, social and community housing, rental housing, population and immigration, taxation, skills and business red tape.

“HIA’s imperatives are cost effective, efficient measures that seek to bring about real change in the home building sector and hopefully increase supply, which is key to making housing more affordable.

“The solution to Australia’s housing shortage will not come from one place or from one level of government, but it is clear that a future federal government can make a real difference in the rate of home ownership.

“HIA urges each candidate to take the time to consider how they can make a difference by improving the housing opportunities for all Australians and ensure that we continue to be a country where home ownership matters.”