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Join AFCA’s online letter of support for native timber harvesting in NSW

An online letter is being circulated by the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) aimed at sending a message to NSW MPs in support of native timber harvesting. Source: Timberbiz

It follows the standing down without notice of 15 operations in NSW on May 27 as a result of rule changes by the NSW EPA.

Forestry Corporation NSW stood down 15 operations – 11 operations in the north of the state and four in the south following a NSW Environment Protection Authority order which requires a 25-metre logging exclusion zone around any tree in which a Greater Glider is spotted.

Changes have also been made to how nocturnal search and surveys must be conducted, including that a first transect must be undertaken within 30 minutes of sunset to increase the likelihood of seeing gliders leaving their dens.

During the past few months AFCA has been engaging Timber NSW in an ongoing campaign to build support for the native timber harvesting industry.

In a note to members AFCA general manager Tim Lester says support is again needed to send a loud message to the NSW state government MPs by email.

The letter covers the stand downs due to the Southern Greater Glider protocol altered without notice by the EPA. It addresses the lack of payment to contractors and no payment to haulage companies and drivers. Then it addresses the short supply to mills.

The theme is they all get paid – MPs, public service, FCNSW and EPA but the industry is left hanging.

The system will only require you to click on the link below, fill in your name and address and an email address and press submit. That will then send to all members of parliament in NSW except The Greens.