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Green Triangle awards’ redefined for 2025

Next year’s Green Triangle Timber Industry Awards will mark the culmination of newly implemented changes informed by the valuable feedback from sponsors, attendees, and award nominators from the previous events. Source: Timberbiz

As part of the changes the nomination process will be streamlined, and partnerships forged with local organisations to enhance the experience for all stakeholders.

In addition to these enhancements, the committee is also exploring avenues to further elevate the recognition of nominees and winners, particularly through the esteemed Legend Award.

“By continually refining our approach, we aim to ensure that every deserving individual receives the acknowledgment they rightly deserve,” committee chairman Adrian Flowers said.

“As we embark on this exciting journey, we would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors, suppliers and regional representatives for their unwavering support. Without the sponsorship team, the awards night would not be possible – our success is a direct result of industry backing,” he said.

“As we look forward to the next chapter, the GTTIA Committee remains dedicated to fostering growth and ensuring that the awards continue to serve as a flagship event for the region’s timber sector.”

Since its inception, the GTTIA has evolved into a platform that not only celebrates the achievements of nominees and winners but also highlights the diverse industries within the timber sector.

Mr Flowers said that by shining a spotlight on the myriad job opportunities and career pathways available, the awards played a pivotal role in inspiring future generations and fostering innovation.

Furthermore, the GTTIA served as a testament to the timber industry’s positive impact on environmental sustainability, carbon emissions reduction, and the integration of transformative technologies.

The 2025 awards night has been scheduled for October.