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Friday analysis: Bob Brown protesters in distress over regeneration of forests

So, masked protesters from the Bob Brown Foundation have set off distress flares outside Tasmania’s State Parliament building to protest against forestry regeneration burns.

The annual round of burn-offs angers environmentalists and some tourism operators but is defended by the industry on the ground it is needed to prepare coupes for replanting.

But the Bob Brown Foundation campaigners claim that helicopters fly over the landscape, dropping “a napalm-like substance that creates a fire hotter than anything this landscape can withstand”.

The campaigners claim that the fires burn “so hot they destroy the soil seed bank, only allowing a few select species to survive”.

What a load of rubbish. Forget that these brave protestors were hiding behind masks; forget that they were letting off distress flares which is dangerous, and probably illegal.

Burning logging slash is essential in simulating a wildfire scenario which creates a seed bed. It does not destroy it.

Also, as with a wildfire, the prolific growth of all the species that were present depend on a hot fire to germinate.

Science has shown this to be the best method in wet forests.

And it is worth noting – as some already have – that the protestors seem to be protesting against the regeneration of forests.

At what point will the Bob Brown Foundation recognise that timber is a renewable resource?

When will they realise that the forestry industry’s practices are based on science and not half-truths and emotions?

Don’t hold your breath waiting.