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OFO submission to SA Legislative Council timber committee

Linda Sewell

OneFortyOne (OFO) has made its submission to the SA Legislative Council Select Committee on Matters Relating to the Timber Industry in the Limestone Coast. Chief executive officer, Linda Sewell, stated that the company had responded to the question of whether the export of wood fibre is in compliance with the conditions of sale of the radiata pine forests. Source: Timberbiz

She said the company had a vision for a strong forest and timber industry now and into the future and that the submission articulates the ongoing commitment made to growing the industry. This includes working with customers, processors, manufacturers both domestically and internationally to secure markets for the timber.

OFO’s investment has secured the regional workforce with 400 people directly employed, supported by a further 1000 contractor employees along the timber supply chain.

“We have fundamentally enhanced our operations and industry by continually investing in our business to improve operating efficiency, raise safety and training standards, improve forest health and reduce our impact on the environment,” Ms Sewell said in a statement.

“Each year, OneFortyOne participates in a variety of internal and external review processes to provide assurances as to its activity.

“The company has reported annually to the South Australian Government on its compliance and will continue to comply with all contractual obligations stipulated in the Plantation Lease Agreement between the Government of South Australia and OneFortyOne, including in matters related to export.”

In the introduction to the submission OFO stated:

“OneFortyOne prioritises domestic customers and since February 2018, 100% of OneFortyOne sawlog has been sold domestically. The majority of our harvested product (sawlog and pulplog volume) is sold through direct, bilateral negotiations with domestic processors, and those located within the Green Triangle Region.

“That being said, export, as it does for other industries such as mining and agriculture, has a legitimate role to play in business. An export market helps balance cyclical downturns in domestic markets, diversify customer opportunities, offers alternative markets for products and a channel for salvage from fire or pests as well as securing ongoing job opportunities.”

The full submission is available to download from the OFO website.