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Composites attract

It's a cold, hard fact – hardwood is becoming harder to get in Australia.
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Volvo sets its sights on the forest industry

Felling and off-road transport are areas Volvo is now focusing on in order to offer a total machinery solution to the forest industry, according to Jukka Moisander, director, global forestry solutions at Volvo.
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Woodcraft is more than just a ‘whittle’ industry

A new study into the Tasmanian woodcraft sector has found that more than 2000 people are directly employed in the industry.
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Agroforestry is a way of life for many

In its early days, agroforestry may have been viewed as the domain of the ‘landcare enthusiast’. Today, integrating trees and shrubs into productive farming systems is seen as a core principle of sustainable agriculture.
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NSW Government to establish private plantations

An agreement for the management of plantations for private industry will see 4500ha of hardwood planted starting immediately, Minister for Primary Industries Ian Macdonald said today.
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Out of the past comes something for the future

When something old is new again … Two of a swag of environment innovations recognized under the Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) program grants are leading the way in recycling.
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Upper Florentine timber needed by sawmillers

A rebound in the demand for sawn timber means that sawmillers need timber from planned harvesting in the Upper Florentine Valley, forest manager Steve Whiteley said today.
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WorkSafe Victoria Awards 2009 – closing date extended to 8 May

There is still time to enter this year’s WorkSafe Victoria Awards with the closing date for entries extended to 8 May.
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Jodie Campbell supports Timber Communities Australia’s call to ‘buy locally’

Federal Labor Member for Bass Jodie Campbell said today that she supported the proposal from Timber Communities Australia for local timber to be sourced as the Federal Government’s $42 billion Nation Building and Jobs Plan was rolled out.
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