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Do your workers speak up about safety?

WorkSafe and the Supply Chain Industry Alliance have joined forces to create a series of resources that encourage workers to speak up about safety. The idea is that a workplace can use the resources to create their own ‘speak up’ campaign.
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Farmers to benefit from white paper actions

Victoria’s farming and forestry industries will be able to play a major role in tackling climate change through the establishment of the Victorian Carbon Exchange, Premier John Brumby announced on Monday.
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National Management Group agrees to Myrtle rust interim response plan

The National Management Group has agreed to an interim response plan to continue to suppress Uredo rangelii (Myrtle rust) with a view to the eradication of the disease.
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New England pine destined for China

China has become a new market for pine logs from Walcha and Nundle, Minister for Forest Resources Paul McLeay said. “We have recently signed a contract worth $11.5 million with exporters MTX Australia for logs from Pinus Radiata plantations in the Walcha and Nundle area,” Mr McLeay sa
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Armidale State Forest work nearly complete

Forests NSW and the Armidale Pine Forest Committee are on track to close the Armidale State Forest to vehicles from August 1.
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Exports of lumber and logs from New Zealand on pace to reach a record in 2010, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly

NEW ZEALAND’S exports of pine logs and lumber increased substantially during the first months of 2010. Unfortunately for the manufacturing sector, log exports have increased much faster than the exports of manufactured products.
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Federal climate policy courtesy of Sir Humphrey Appleby?

By Andrew Grant. CEO:2 CO2 Group Ltd As leader of Australia’s largest carbon offset company, I believe it’s timely to make some pointed and public observations on climate policy options before the Federal election. They are ‘pointed’ because, quite frankly, the twists and turns and b
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Both global forest certification schemes to speak side by side at industry conference

IN A major coup for the Australian Forest, Wood, Paper and Timber Products industry, the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have committed members of their global leadership teams to speak at the industry conference
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Queensland hardwood industry ready for self-analysis

Peak industry body Timber Queensland says it is time for the State’s hardwood industry to look inwards, assessing if true market potential is being maximised.
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