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Safety roadshow not enough

A revised code of practice for forestry safety is the focus of a roadshow being taken across the country. Source: Radio New Zealand
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CSIRO supersite rainforest plot

Following three years of research and planning, CSIRO and the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) have opened Australia’s first large-scale rainforest research plot. Source: Timberbiz
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China loves New Zealand’s wood

A Maori-owned forestry firm in Kawerau, New Zealand said its export business to China is booming after North America all but pulled out of the market place. Source: Radio New Zealand
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FIRST union wants in on certification

New Zealand’s forest exports are being put risk as the industry continues to drag the chain on a key aspect of its certification, a union for workers in the wood industries said. Source: Voxy
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A mixed bag of residential building approvals

The December results for residential building approvals provided an indication of current trends as well as allowing a more definitive picture of the overall performance during 2012. Source: Timberbi
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Wood tops the list in UK building

Wood is back on Britain's building agenda after Hackney council followed Europe's lead in introducing timber in its sustainable project policy. Source: Construction Digital
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Sudan turns to teak

One of the hardest woods in the world may help to soften the effects of conflict over oil in East Africa. Source: The National
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Tasmanian councils hit hard by forest deal

An Upper House inquiry is scrutinising legislation needed to protect 504,000 hectares of native forest from logging. The Dorset Mayor, Barry Jarvis, says a multi-billion dollar industry is being "sacrificed" and the compensation on offer is "paltry". Source: ABC News
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Keep foreign bugs out of NZ forests

All forest plantations will be brought into a nationwide forest health surveillance scheme if next month’s referendum of forest growers is successful. Source: Voxy NZ
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