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Arsonist torches forestry equipment

In the early hours of Monday March 30 an arsonist has destroyed around half a million dollars worth of forestry equipment near the township of Woods point.
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Force Majeure or Forced Manure called by VicForest

The heroic role of forest contractors in fighting the fires has been rewarded by VicForest by invoking the Force Majeure clause of the contracts between VicForest and Forest Contractors effectively removing any financial obligations by VicForest to Forest Contractors.
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Paper industry giant prioritizes green goals

In 2004, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management awarded the Barton plant a Pollution Prevention Achievement Award for the plant’s good environmental footprint and design. In 2008 SCA established a new carbon-dioxide target of a 20% reduction in emissions from fossil fuels
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Wood panels industry seeks CPRS assistance

The wood panels industry is seeking to have the manufacturing of wood panels (particleboard, medium density fibreboard and laminated veneer lumber) recognised as an emissions-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) activity and therefore eligible for assistance as part of the Government's prop
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Taking the stress out of making the grade

In recent times an emphasis has been placed on producers of structural grade timber to ensure their products are meeting the stress grade claimed and that compliance is capable of being verified.
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Building relationships is what it’s all about

Manitou Australia's new industrial products and key account manager is a firm believer that building relationships is what business is all about.
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Delay of carbon trading not just about the financial crisis

The Federal Government's apparent decision to delay the carbon trading scheme by around six months may still leave Australia unprepared for its introduction, according to carbon trading expert, Jan Brandjes of Carbon Focus.
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National Carpenters Day

On April 21 2009, Australia's first ever Carpenters Day will be held in most capital cities around the country. It will be a day to celebrate the ways in which carpenters play an important role in tackling climate change, by using one of the planet's most natural materials - wood.
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Woodchip industry proven unviable once again

The Tasmanian Greens today accused the Bartlett Government and Forestry Tasmania of pulling the wool over the eyes of Tasmanian forest contractors, as well as the Tasmanian community itself, as the global decline in pulp and woodchip prices pulp Gunns and the woodchip-driven Tasmanian
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