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Forestry industry review under union scrutiny

Unions are accusing the New Zealand Minister of Labour of taking the teeth out of a promised review of New Zealand's most deadly industry, forestry. Sources: Radio New Zealand, ONE News
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Government intervention to save NZ industry

Government intervention is the only way to save the timber industry according to New Zealand political party NZ First. Sources: NZ News Wire, Yahoo 7 News
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Replanting must be addressed

New Zealand log exports have nearly doubled in the past year but some in the industry are concerned a lack of replanting is threatening the industry's future. Sources: Fairfax NZ News,
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Builyan sawmill reopens in Boyne Valley

A Boyne Valley family has taken over the Builyan sawmill reviving the town's lifeblood. Source: The Gladstone Observer
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APP wants Abbott to invest in Indonesian forests

The pulp and paper company that went from environmental zero to hero last year has now called on the Abbott government to invest some of its Direct Action funding into protecting Indonesian forests. Source: The Brisbane Times
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Southern Cross Forest Products sale

Financially stricken wood processor Southern Cross Forest Products has attracted local and international interest from potential buyers, and its receiver hopes to progress the sale next month. Source: The New Zealand Herald
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New Forest buys Gunns plantations says no to pulp mill

The new owner of vast tree plantations previously held by failed timber company Gunns Ltd will focus on exporting the resource as woodchips and is sceptical about prospects for a pulp mill in Tasmania. Sources: The Australian, ABC News
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Genetically engineered trees for biofuel production

Researchers have genetically engineered poplar trees with lignin that breaks down more easily, opening the door to cheaper biofuels and wood pulp that require only a fraction of the energy and chemicals to produce. Source: Vancouver Sun
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Brits say PNG should join Euro union

A British think-tank said Papua New Guinea could improve its forest governance by negotiating a Forest Partnership Agreement with the European Union (EU). Source: Australia Network News
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