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Reefton firm to salvage windblown timber

A Reefton company has won the first contract to salvage cyclone-damaged, native timber on the West Coast. Source: New Zealand Sustainable Forest Products Ltd (NZSFP) will be allowed to take 600 cubic metres of rimu and 100 cubic metres of red beech from the Grey Valley ar
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Second Blue Mountains fire in two years demands new thinking

Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) chief executive officer Ross Hampton has called on the Federal Government to trial the effectiveness of machinery removal of understory bush and competing trees in an attempt to find new solutions to reducing the intensity of bushfires. So
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Forestry Tasmania’s $43m loss nothing to do with ‘peace deal’, say experts

Environmentalists and the forestry industry have rejected the Tasmanian government’s claim that a disastrous deficit posted by the state’s taxpayer-owned forest corporation was the result of a “peace deal” between loggers and green groups. Source: The Guardian. Forestry Tasmania, whic
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RBA extends steady streak for rates

The Reserve Bank Board on Tuesday voted to extend the period of steady interest rates to 16 consecutive months, said the Housing Industry Association, the voice of Australia’s residential building industry. “With no hint of a short term interest rate rise in the RBA’s statement today,
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Forest Stewardship Council under fire from green groups

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Australia is under fire from an unlikely quarter, with key environment groups calling for it to withdraw the Controlled Wood standard accreditation granted to Western Australia’s state logging agency, the Forest Products Commission (FPC). Source: T
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The Census – what’s new?

The Census of Population and Housing provides a snapshot of the nation and aims to count every person and every household in Australia on Census night. Conducted every five years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has made little change to the traditional delivery and collecti
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Timber exporter Crawfords Freightlines fuming after EPA ban on methyl bromide

A Sandgate company has had its timber exporting operation shut down by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) over its use of a fumigant. Source: The Herald. The company, Crawfords Freightlines, has hit back at the EPA, saying the state government’s forestry department supplied th
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Climate policy ‘a business case to destroy our forests’

Climate policy ‘a business case to destroy our forests’ Australia can now say it has a climate change policy again – of sorts – after the Senate voted through the Direct Action package following the agreement between the Abbott government and the Palmer United Party led by aspiring co
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Forestry staff seen as ‘bottom of the barrel’

Safety failures in the forestry sector extend all the way up the supply chain and a significant portion of the industry views its frontline staff as a “bottom of the barrel workforce”. Source: Those are among the shock findings contained in the 141-page Indepe
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