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Woolworths rolls out locally made paper carry bags to more states

Woolworths is now offering its customers in Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia a locally made paper carry bag as it progressively onshores manufacturing in support of local industry and jobs. Source: Timberbiz

Woolworths has partnered with family-owned Australian manufacturer Detpak in a multi-million-dollar deal to produce the locally made bags, which first launched in South Australia and Northern Territory late last year.

The move represents a significant investment in local manufacturing, which will create around 25 new Australian jobs and contribute to broader efforts to grow Australia’s local production capacity across industries.

The Australian made paper bags, which use 70% recycled paper are available for purchase in more than 400 Woolworths stores across Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. The progressive rollout will see the bags available in all states by the end of the year.

While almost all customers are now bringing their own reusable bags, we know unplanned shops still present a challenge from time to time.

“Last year we introduced the option of a paper bag, which can be recycled at home, and the feedback from customers has been positive,” Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director, Natalie Davis said. “As paper bags are now a permanent part of our range, we’re working to support new Australian jobs in partnership with local manufacturer Detpak.

“Our proudly Australian made bags are the result of Detpak’s hard work to build the local capacity needed to supply hundreds of our stores across the country.”

Woolworths’ paper shopping bags were first launched in June 2020 in response to customer demand for a paper carry bag option. The supermarket has been working with Detpak to plan and grow local capacity since early 2020 to produce the paper bags at scale in Australia and support a transition to a 100% Australian made line nationally.

All paper used in the bag is sourced responsibly and is certified by PEFC, with all new paper coming from plantations to give customers confidence their purchase supports sustainable forest management.