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VAFI VICTORIAN ASSOCIATION OF FOREST INDUSTRIES – Coalition preferences decision to save more than 24,000 jobs.

VAFI CEO Philip Dalidakis said the Greens had championed a range of policies that if enacted would destabilise the Victorian economy and lead to significant increases in unemployment.
“Since the party’s inception, the Greens have held a range of views that are fundamentally anti-industry, anti-prosperity and anti-employment,” Mr Dalidakis said.
“A Parliament in which the Greens controlled the balance of power would likely enact legislation that would endanger the 24,000 jobs in Victorian forestry, as well as the approximately 50,000 jobs indirectly supported by the industry.”
Mr Dalidakis said that in particular, the Greens policy on forestry was contradictory and dangerous.
“The Greens have announced their intention to end native forestry in Victoria, claiming that our entire timber and paper product needs can be met by plantations.
“However, at the same time they have attacked the use of plantations and have made it clear that their support for the future expansion of plantation forestry is far from assured.
“The only logical result from this kind of confused, ideologically driven policy is the end of forestry in Victoria and would potentially increase imports of forest products from rainforests in Sumatra and Brazil.
“This would add to Australia’s $2.1 billion wood and paper trade deficit and could push a range of endangered species to the brink of extinction.”
Mr Dalidakis welcomed the Coalition’s decision as a principled move that put the needs of Victorians first.
“The Liberal and National parties have clearly seen the true cost of the Greens ideologically driven policies and have put the needs of Victorians first,” he said.
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