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Top 5: Market Points from IndustryEdge

  1. Softwood log prices $141.52/m3 – as Australia’s softwood log exports continue to grow, the average price of larger dimension (>15cm diameter) logs was AUD141.52/m3 in March 2018
  2. 17,566 m3 – sawn softwood exports in March remain small, less than one-quarter monthly import volumes. The majority of exports are to New Zealand
  3. 1,156 BDI – the Baltic Dry Index which measures the cost of bulk shipping, was more than 39% higher on 1st June than a year earlier, indicating global shipping prices are rising
  4. 96,140 – exports of recovered paper – including material collected from kerbsides – totalled almost 100,000 tonnes in March, lower than a year earlier, but still very large, underscoring the strength of demand for fibre, in all its forms
  5. +213.2% – imports of the ‘other’ grade of Oriented Strand Board rose to 11,379 m3 for the year-ended March 2018

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