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Timber: the material of choice

Australia’s design professionals and builders are increasingly identifying timber as a material of choice for construction projects.

Now, a series of specialist workshops will cover the use of timber in environmentally sustainable design practice, and the associated technical issues of efficient construction. Sessions will include case studies that incorporate local design and practice issues, and culminate with the exploration and analysis of structural design capabilities through the testing of timber elements.

The 2008 Australian Timber Design Workshops, two-day accredited professional education events, bring together some of this country’s most experienced timber design practitioners to discuss the intelligent use of this sustainable resource.

Workshops will be held in Melbourne (10-11 June, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne); Perth (16-17 June, School of Architecture, University of Western Australia); Hobart (24-25 June, School of Engineering, University of Tasmania); Brisbane (1-2 July, School of Architecture, University of Queensland); and in Sydney (8-9 July, School of Engineering, University of Technology Sydney).