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Tigercat telematics firmware update

There is a Tigercat telematics firmware upgrade now available for added functionality, improved user interface, and to take advantage of the latest advanced engine diagnostics capabilities. Source: Timberbiz

The update offers enhanced features for a more comprehensive telematics experience.

For instance, a new display has been added to the information tab that displays information reported from TPMS, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. This update is available for all wheeled machines.

Tigercat has developed more advanced and comprehensive tools for troubleshooting.

The LogOn interface provides easy-to-understand steps to diagnose issues, directly referencing the appropriate section of the service manual.

Several diagnostic tests can be initiated directly from LogOn to further diagnose the underlying reason for the fault code.

Compression, runup, and high-pressure rail engine diagnostic tests have been added to this important new update plus a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for easier navigation.

For example, colour coding has been added to the Engine Diagnostics reporting screen to make it easier to comprehend the status of the test. This applies to all the tests available in Engine Diagnostics.

The upgrade also improves system stability and performance with resolved issues.