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Strongbuild podcast with Adam Strong on timber

Adam Strong

Adam Strong is the Managing Director of Strongbuild, a Sydney based company which specialises in using timber as a sustainable and versatile resource in delivering high quality building systems across a diverse range of projects. Source: Timberbiz

Strongbuild was established in 2000 with an initial focus on high end housing projects around the Northern beaches of NSW.

As demand grew, the business began taking on larger jobs, beginning with the development of a retirement village in Berry.

As they realised the challenge of maintaining high quality and efficiency across its various projects, the business began investing in design and BIM modelling to allow for greater client engagement and the ability to eliminate many negative variables.

Looking to the future, Mr Strong and the team made a trip to Europe in 2012 to see how the Germans specifically, were using panelisation as a flexible and high quality solution in different sectors.

Back in Australia, Strongbuild began developing its production of lightweight panels with mass timber, leading to the establishment in 2012 of their own facility which now produces panels and structural components.

Mr Strong explains the move into prefabrication was based on the ability to maintain sustainability and produce a high-quality product.

Manufacturing was initially focused on low rise projects however, CLT allowed Strongbuild to take structural systems taller, often using a combination of mass timber and lightweight panels.

Strongbuild’s design process has a huge benefit for the builder and the client, as a focus on manufacturing and assembly means the builder is involved from day one of a project, and allows for greater client input and a better cost outcome.

Adam Strong talks to Adam Jones in an episode of WoodSolutions Timber Talks (/podcasts/timber-talks).