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Sodra to invest in additional CLT facilities

Södra has decided to invest in an additional CLT facility at Värö and aims to become a leader in the Nordic region. The new facility will be established at a combined plant in Värö, where Södra’s first CLT facility has already been co-located with Södra’s pulp mills and sawmills. Source: Timberbiz

Lars Idermark, President and CEO of Sodra said that society’s driving forces for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are strong, and the interest in sustainable construction is growing in the market.

“A higher rate of timber construction is playing a key role in the growing bioeconomy. It is also an important step in our mission to process the wood raw material delivered by our 52,000 forest-owning members,” he said.

Two production lines will create delivery reliability and flexibility for customers and Södra’s total production capacity for CLT will become about 140,000 m³ per year, equivalent to 5000 apartments.