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S7 base is a robust all-rounder

Seppi’s S7 base is a robust mulcher made of S420 steel for orchards, vineyards, green area maintenance, and forestry. Source: Timberbiz

With a power range of 50 to 160 HP, it’s an all-rounder for landscape, grassland, and irrigation maintenance, this innovative mulcher meets the requirements of professionals under various conditions.

The S7 base flail mulcher is suitable for AEBI tractors due to its low weight and close centre of gravity to the tractor, making it particularly popular for use on steep slopes.

The rotor shaft of the S7 base is equipped with strong SMO or SMW flails, which reliably mulch grass and woody material up to 7 cm in diameter even at high speeds. Due to its robust construction and the spirally arranged flails on the HELIX rotor, forces are distributed particularly evenly, ensuring smooth operation even at speeds of up to 10 km/h.

Thanks to its wear-resistant construction, the reversible mulcher is not only suitable for landscape, grassland, and irrigation maintenance but also for light forestry work. The housing contains hardened counter cutters, which are even interchangeable in the S7 series, ensuring their properties are maintained even under heavy use.

The combined protection device of chains and flaps prevents twigs from getting tangled and protects against stone impact. The newly designed belt housing corresponds to the sturdy construction of forestry equipment and also features deflectors to protect passing plants.

With the optional M-FLAP hood, the shredding degree can be easily adjusted without additional tools. It is available as mechanical or hydraulic if needed.

Like all S7 mulchers, this model is equipped with a stable support roller with reinforced 4D-ROLLER bearings. The 4D bearings guarantee smooth operation on uneven terrain.

Choose from a wide range of working widths – 150, 175, 200, 225, and 250 cm – according to your specific requirements.

The S7 base delivers a perfectly clean cut even at higher working speeds. Its features ensure minimal consumption, and the machine is easy to maintain.