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PaperWall fibre-based paper interior surface

Melbourne based Elton Group has added an innovative new wood wall surface to its line-up of interior architectural products. PaperWall is a wood fibre-based paper surface which is Group One fire rated. Source: Timberbiz

PaperWall replicates the patterning, grain and texture of timber with an authentic appearance which is achieved through a combination of high-definition printing and precision embossing. The natural looking grain patterns are almost indistinguishable from the genuine article according to Elton Group.

The product is hung as easily as traditional wallpaper, is easy to maintain, cost effect and has durability comparable to Type II commercial grade vinyl as it is finished with a polyurethane polish.

There is a range of timber looks but for a turn-up for the books, this tree sourced paper mimics concrete and metal finishes as well.

PaperWall is sourced from certified forests with certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Its Group One fire rating means that it can be used on interior structures on all commercial and residential projects.

Elton Group sources wood harvested in accordance with CITES and the company also maintains 800 acres of Australian natural forest in the Otway Ranges of Victoria.