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Bushfire death toll continues to rise

Victoria Police can now confirm that 108 people have died as a result of bushfires across the state.
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Perryman seeks assurance on forestry sale

Mount Gambier mayor and Liberal candidate for Mount Gambier, Steve Perryman, has called on Labor Government Forestry Minister Rory McEwen to provide assurance the proposed upfront sale of three rotations of ForestrySA plantations is in the best interests of the region.
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An important forum in the recession

The forest industry’s economic situation and market conditions have been radically affected in recent months. Despite this, interest in the world’s biggest forestry fair, Elmia Wood 3–6 June, is still high.
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No bail out to cost timber industry jobs

The West Australian Government admits its refusal to bail out the timber industry may lead to job losses and business closures.
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The Victorian Association of Forest Industries (VAFI) has welcomed the Federal Government’s $42 billion Nation Building and Jobs Plan as a critical step in safeguarding Australia’s economy whilst providing a remarkable opportunity to build an environmentally sustainable future.
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Biochar – untested and unproven – or political football?

The global warming challenges we face have been linked to our addiction to digging “black stuff” out of the ground and using it to fuel our growth and prosperity. Biochar technology offers society the opportunity to pay back this historic greenhouse burden – by taking renewable resour
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National timber industry publication set to re-launch

Ryan Publications, publishers of Australian Forests & Timber News, Daily Timber News and Australian Forests & Timber Directory, will re-launch Australian Timberman magazine in April 2009.
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Seminar: Long term water use of mountain ash and the efficiency of heavily forested catchments

Seminar SeriesDepartment of Forest and Ecosystem Science Department of Sustainability and Environment Associate Professor Leon Bren, DFES This seminar presents an updated analysis of the Coranderrk paired catchment project using data from 1954 to 2007. This is located 70 km
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Volvo truck engines to get Clean Air Power

UK-based Clean Air Power has announced an agreement with Volvo to development and incorporate their Dual-Fuel™ technology into Volvo truck engines. Dual-Fuel™ is a patented system which enables heavy duty diesel engines to run on up to 90 percent natural gas with a small amount of die
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