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Selecting survival species

Scientists at a Mount Allison University lab are predicting which tree species will be threatened by climate change in the next century.
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This feller’s in real trouble

KOLKATA: Five months after being charged with felling trees in connivance with hoarding agencies, forest guard Gouranga Chakraborty is about to be penalised.
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Fire training helps set the safety scene

Seventy people took part in an interagency fire training day at the Delegate Country Club to help prepare the Monaro region for fire.
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More job losses expected in battered manufacturing sector

Canada’s battered manufacturing sector shed 38,000 jobs last month and has lost nearly 400,000 factory jobs since an employment peak in 2002 - a trend expected to intensify over the next year as the North American economic slump deepens and demand for everything from auto parts to new
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Contracts cancelled over substandard timber

Building materials supplier Placemakers has cut off some of its contractors after finding substandard timber had been used for building homes.
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Ghana’s ‘miracle’: Logging underwater forests for exotic timber

Ghana, which is running short of forests to chop down, is about to turn to the dead trees underneath its Lake Volta as a new source of exotic timber, one of its top export earners.
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Valuable assistance from above

A Lyndoch helicopter pilot will play an important part in this summer’s fight against bushfires. Bridgette Kies, one of the ‘chopper chicks’ from Barossa Helicopters, will be based at the Parafield Airfield as an air-attack response pilot during the fire danger season.
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‘Bring us in line with the rest of the country’

A challenge has been laid down to the Victorian Government … “bring us in line with the rest of the country by addressing the fundamental flaw in its Forestry Rights legislation”. That challenge came from Pat Groenhout, general manager of PF Olsen Australia, at the Victorian Associat
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Sawdust-powered smoke dryer is very user-friendly

The Wood Industries Training Centre (WITC) of the Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) in Kumasi has developed a smoke dryer facility that uses sawdust instead of electricity to dry wood products.
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