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British Columbia demand for lumber decline

The timber harvest in British Columbia, Cananda reached a record 90 million cubic metres in 2005 but fell dramatically the following four years to a 25-year low of just over 52 million cubic metres in 2009. Reduced demand for lumber in the US market, high manufacturing costs, high exp
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Local timber workers recognized in Shoalhaven

Timber workers will be recognised for their contribution to the industry at the inaugural Timber Worker of the Year awards held at the annual Southern Shoalhaven Timber Festival in New South Wales. Woodworkers and builders will be commended for their creative and innovative use of tim
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CIT funding for capital investment

Log sawmilling, wood chipping, timber re-sawing and dressing, prefabricated wooden building manufacturing, veneer and plywood manufacturing and pulp, paper and paperboard manufacturing are among those eligible to apply for grants under the Clean Investment Technology (CIT) program. So
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Podcast number two on wood production

The University of Tasmania’s Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAWW) has presented the second podcast in its new timber education and skills series to partner its Graduate Certificate in Timber (Processing and Building). CSAWW announced the release of the centre’s second
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Additional income from bioenergy Mallee eucalypts

Australia can be prominent in the development of bioenergy industries. Energy tree cropping can be designed to integrate with agricultural enterprises across the wheat belt farming areas without compromising food and fibre production or security of water supply. Source: Timberbiz
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CRC Forestry wind-up delayed

Professor Gordon Duff, CEO of the CRC for Forestry recently updated the industry on the state of play with the CRC for Forestry and the National Centre for Future Forest Industries (NCFFI) now that the Australian Government has contributed $2.5 million of seed funding to establish the
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Forestry forward sale ‘based on a false assumption’

A State Parliament inquiry has called for the sale of South Australia’s South East forest harvesting rights to be abandoned. Family First MP Rob Brokenshire tabled the Upper House committee's final report and termed it "embarrassing" for the State Government. However, it is unlikely t
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Wining is floored in the USA

In the US a company that has spent years working out how to turn wine barrels into flooring has succeeded with help from the Forest Services Products Laboratory. Source: USDA Gov
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UK industry has support from government

Some of the biggest names in the UK timber sector have pledged widespread support for the Government's Independent Panel on Forestry Report. Source: Lesprom
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