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Building relationships is what it’s all about

Manitou Australia's new industrial products and key account manager is a firm believer that building relationships is what business is all about.
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Delay of carbon trading not just about the financial crisis

The Federal Government's apparent decision to delay the carbon trading scheme by around six months may still leave Australia unprepared for its introduction, according to carbon trading expert, Jan Brandjes of Carbon Focus.
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National Carpenters Day

On April 21 2009, Australia's first ever Carpenters Day will be held in most capital cities around the country. It will be a day to celebrate the ways in which carpenters play an important role in tackling climate change, by using one of the planet's most natural materials - wood.
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Woodchip industry proven unviable once again

The Tasmanian Greens today accused the Bartlett Government and Forestry Tasmania of pulling the wool over the eyes of Tasmanian forest contractors, as well as the Tasmanian community itself, as the global decline in pulp and woodchip prices pulp Gunns and the woodchip-driven Tasmanian
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Who will put trees back on farms now?

Last June, the Federal Government dissolved the national network of 19 Private Forestry Development Committees (PFDCs), regional groups whose key objective was to put trees back into over-cleared farm land.
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Fibre-fever, efficiencies and diversification

Bioenergy using wood as an alternative energy source is getting a huge amount of attention both internationally and much closer to home.
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Australian furniture still sought after in US

The times are a changing … One of the most successful jarrah businesses in Western Australia has closed its doors, but not without becoming a major player on the American scene.
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Dual promotion to ensure success of two events

Bioenergy Australia has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the organisers of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition to mutually publicise Bioenergy Australia and its conference.
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No charge if you want to check out the Prom

Wilson’s Promontory National Park will re-open to visitors this Saturday (March 21) after the fires in the park were brought under control over the weekend.
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