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New Zealand forestry areas move down alert levels but restrictions remain

The New Zealand Government has announced that from today 1 September, the plan is for all areas south of Auckland to move to COVID Alert Level 3, while Auckland and Northland will remain at Alert Level 4. Source: Timberbiz

When Alert Level 3 comes into force the forestry and wood processing sector will be able to operate in compliance with Alert Level 3 requirements.

For businesses within the Auckland border and Northland region, the current Alert Level 4 requirements will remain.

In preparation to reopen operations, operators must first ensure there are strong protocols in place to operate safely and protect against spread of the COVID-19 delta variant.

The Government recommends that operators read the updated Alert Level 3 COVID-19 Industry Protocols on the SafeTree website to assist with developing business specific protocols. Wherever possible it is urged that the highest level of safety protocols are in place to protect the workforce and community.
Forestry and wood processing businesses in Alert Level 3 areas will be required to operate in compliance with the Alert Level 3 requirements.

If you believe there is a critical risk to essential supply chains which requires urgent In Alert Level 4 all freight can be distributed and received, with essential freight prioritised. This includes unloading, delivery to, and receipt by, businesses (including those businesses not currently permitted to trade for receipt only) and customers.

If you are a business that requires employees to travel across the alert level boundaries for work, visit MBIE’s website. This includes information about permitted travel, the business travel register, the boundary, and exemptions.

It’s important to note, you won’t be able to re-use the travel documents that you applied for during previous Alert Level changes and will need to reapply for new documents.

The public health threat posed by the Delta variant of COVID-19 remains high. It is strongly recommend that organisations continue to exercise restraint and minimise operations and worker movement where possible and comply with legal obligations under the Order. This includes businesses operating under Alert Level 3. If possible, people should continue to work from home.

it is also recommend the companies provide any people needing to be onsite with a personally addressed letter by the company’s chief executive outlining the clause they are operating under; in case they are approached by authorities.