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New Zealand carbon trading update

Following the purchase of its Kiernan Creek Forest in Marlborough, NZ Carbon Farming managing director Matt Walsh said his company intended growing their investments in New Zealand. They remain positive about gaining more forests to lease for the carbon market and more land to plant. Source: Scoop News

Some industry commentators have said that harmony needs to be achieved between the New Zealand and Australian emissions trading schemes and that carbon prices need to lift and stabilise for the sector to see much upside. Others say the prices need to recover before much more starts happening.

Either way, there is an underlying factor that the New Zealand government really needs the carbon forestry industry to grow in order to continue to provide the crucial carbon offsets to balance emissions in the short to medium term.

A government directed emissions trading scheme review panel has identified a need for New Zealand to deal with future carbon liabilities resulting from harvesting. They also need to focus on mitigating the risks of financial mismatching in doing so.

All of the major players in the carbon forestry industry in Australasia are meeting on 22-23 August 2012 at the 2nd Annual Carbon Forestry Conference to be held in Auckland, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The forest industry in New Zealand remains buoyant following more than two years of exports, planting and cautious investment by new players.

Carbon forestry as a component of the overall sector has a number of upbeat players optimistic about their own prospects to make wise and profitable investments for their clients.