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New TRD-1 White Cypress decking hits the market

NK COLLINS this week announced the release of its new TRD-1 White Cypress decking, that has been co-developed with Arch Wood Protection, DERM (formerly DPI Queensland) and Dindas Australia. To assist in the distribution of TRD-1, ACL Wood Products Pty Ltd (Trading as The Plystore) has come on board and will be offering TRD-1 White Cypress Decking to its broad customer base of independent timber yards throughout Melbourne Metro and country Victoria.
TRD-1 White Cypress (Callitris glaucophylla) decking is treated with Vacsol® Azure preservative to protect the susceptible sapwood from termite attack and fungal decay while the heartwood (durability class1) is inherently durable against termites and mould decay. Ref. AS 5604.
TRD-1 White Cypress decking exhibits very low shrinkage characteristics from a green to 12% moisture content average tangential shrinkage is 2.6%. Radial shrinkage is 2.4% and after seasoning the average unit movement is 0.28 tangentially and 0.23 radially.
TRD-1 White Cypress decking is available in a wide range of sizes from 70/90/140 x 20 mm dressed all round (reeded back available). The preservatives system used will not leach to the environment and TRD-1 White Cypress decking carries a lifetime* guarantee back by Arch Wood Protection Australia.
TRD-1 White Cypress decking combines the natural characteristics of the Cypress true-wood, (Termite Resistant & Durability Class 1) with the latest technology from Arch Wood Protection (treating the sapwood) making TRD-1 a 100% TERMITE RESISTANT – DURUBILITY CLASS 1 product.
It was the “Durability class 1”, and “Product Guarantee” aspects of the product that first captured the attention of Andrew Layfield (Managing Director of ACL Wood Products). TRD-1 seemed a natural addition to their cypress timber product range. Now looking to introduce TRD-1 to the Victorian decking market, ACL Wood Products are confident that the combination of reliable supply from NK Collins and treatment expertise from Arch Chemicals will provide the backing required.
In partnership, NK Collins, Arch Chemicals, Dindas Australia and ACL Wood Products are all committed to ensure TRD-1 becomes a long term and well accepted product within the Australian decking market.
N.K Collins Industries Pty Ltd is a family concern that has been operating for over 50 years and employs more than 200 staff, with 80 employees at its Toowoomba head office.
N.K. Collins Industries Pty Ltd can ensure a consistent supply of Cypress Timber products and has recently achieved AFS/Chain of Custody Certification. Operating five sawmills (including their newest mill at Tambo) situated in the heart of cypress country, west of the Great Divide.