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New Scorpion takes to the forests in Sweden and Finland

Ponsse has launched a completely modernised range of its Scorpion harvesters. The new Scorpion takes harvest productivity and ergonomics to the next level and according to Ponsse sets a new standard for the operator’s working environment. Source: Timberbiz

The Scorpion harvester was first introduced in 2013 and has since become Ponsse’s flagship product.

“As earlier, development of the new Scorpion range has been based on feedback from forest machine users, which we have utilized to put the upgrades now being introduced into production,” Jan Kauhanen, Product Manager, Harvesters, at Ponsse said.

“The cabin workspace is now more practical, and the quiet Scorpion landscape office has been developed specifically with the operator’s comfort and ability to keep working in mind.”

The Scorpion is characterised by its visibility and manoeuvrability. One of the most visible improvements is the new one-piece front window, which reaches all the way up to the cabin roof to offer even better visibility and safe working in any weather condition. In addition, the unique crane solution provides excellent visibility in all directions.

Besides numerous new features, Ponsse Scorpion and Scorpion King harvesters have been fitted out with an advanced fifth generation PONSSE Opti 5G information system and a completely upgraded user interface. The user-friendly information system is the most modern on the market and its smoothness and speed take the user experience to a completely new level.

“The fully upgraded Opti 5G user interface together with the recently launched Opti8 computer sets a new standard for the usability of Ponsse forest machine information systems,” Markku Savolainen, Product Manager, Equipment Automation at Ponsse said.

“It’s also quick and simple for operators who have used the earlier Opti generation to switch over to using the new Opti 5G system.”

The Opti 5G information system also enables the Ponsse Harvester Active Crane management system, which gives the harvester a new way to control the crane and work more efficiently. The operator can use Active Crane to control the movement of the harvester head instead of individual crane functions. This allows the operator to concentrate on timber processing rather than crane work.

Active Crane is easily controlled using two levers, one of which controls the harvester head height from the ground, while the other controls the direction of the movement. The system also ensures that the crane’s functions slow automatically before the range of movement ends, thereby preventing irritating hits to the mechanical structures and operator. When the operator indicates the required location, Active Crane performs the lift and uses the boom and extension automatically.

The Ponsse Opti 5G information system will initially be available at Ponsse Scorpion harvesters at Finnish and Swedish markets, with other areas to follow later.