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New machines, new heads and a new thinning concept

Three new machines and two new heads. Komatsu Forest is launching five unique world premieres at Elmia Wood 3-6 June 2009.

“It will be terrific to finally exhibit all the new products we’ve been working so hard on,” comments Roland Lundqvist, marketing manager at Komatsu Forest.

He does not want to reveal too much before all the new products will be presented as a group at Elmia Wood, but he can at least say that the new machines include a completely new and unique Valmet harvester which will see the light of day for the first time at Elmia Wood.

“It is a harvester whose combination of strength and nimbleness puts it in a class by itself in terms of versatility,” he says.

The other two machines, a harvester and a forwarder, are part of a new thinning concept that will undoubtedly make thinning more efficient. The machines are nimbler, more productive and kinder to the terrain.

“Our design engineers started from customer requirements and have done fantastic product development work, which will be clear to everyone who sees the new machines,” Roland says.

New heads

Two new heads will be presented. One is a new, highly efficient and reliable all-round head that includes a completely new length-feed system. The other is a new, powerful head designed for Valmet’s tracked machines. The starting point for both heads has been to increase productivity. In addition to the new heads, existing ones have been further developed and given a range of new functions requested by various markets.

Komatsu Forest is also presenting a number of other new products at Elmia Wood. They include a new version of the guidance system MaxiXplorer featuring many new functions. A new version of the MaxiForwarder software suite for Valmet harvesters will also be launched.