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National forest industry forum

Managing the impacts of supply chain vagaries titled “What Happens When the Boat is Full” will be the focus of a forest industry forum being held in Melbourne on 24 October. Source: Timberbiz

Simon Gatt, general manager, Gippsland Region for HVP Plantations, and Tony Price, of Australian Bluegum Plantations, will speak on managing customers who change their mind about volumes after ordering, or how they cope when only one ship turns up instead of the five expected.

Peter Ryan, an independent industrial relations consultant (formerly director industry services with VAFI) will speak about how contractors should manage staff when these out-of-the-blue changes occur.

Finance specialist, Dallas Frost will discuss the money management implications.

“Contractors tend to be at the bottom of the food chain when these events happen so it is vital we have a good understanding of what forest owners are facing and how they handle it while doing what we can to maintain equilibrium in our workforces and our profitability,” said Joanne Wilson, deputy chair of AFCA and organizer of the overall event.

“It would also be a positive if other forest owners attend the forum to add to the discussion and perhaps improve their understanding of the issues contractors need to handle when work orders suddenly change.”

This forum will run in the afternoon prior to the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) AGM. While voting at the AGM is limited to AFCA members, other members of the industry are welcome to attend.

The annual dinner and induction into the AFCA Hall of Fame will feature speakers on industry growth strategies including an update on AUSTimber2016 planning.

Marty Fields will be MC and the night will be a celebration of the forest industry with a special emphasis on people who have made a solid contribution.

Industry Forum – “What Happens when the boat’s full” is on from 12.30pm to 4.00pm with lunch provided. Cost to AFCA members is $40.00, non-members $50

The AFCA Annual General Meeting will be from 4.00pm to 5.00pm and the dinner from 6.00pm with a cost to AFCA members of $150.00 for dinner only, $175 for dinner and forum. For non-members the cost is $175.00 for dinner only, $205 for dinner and forum.

For questions and bookings contact Denise DeBattista at [email protected].