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NAFI drives greater forest industry unity

Australia’s forest industry has taken a significant step towards greater industry unity, with major industry representative groups merging under a new structure for the National Association of Forest Industries (NAFI).

NAFI and Tree Plantations Australia (TPA) have merged under the new NAFI structure, providing an industry-leading, peak body to represent the interests of Australia’s forest industry.

Newly elected NAFI President, Bob Pearce, said strengthened unification of Australia’s forest industry would be critical in ensuring the industry is well-positioned to deliver on its potential to assist Australia in addressing emerging issues, particularly climate change.

“A unified industry voice allows us to attack these issues head-on. With everybody singing from the same song-sheet, we can ensure that the needs of the industry are better met. Also, the industry’s aims for sustainability, based on a renewable and carbon positive resource, can be taken on by a stronger caucus of companies, individuals and governing agencies,” Pearce said.

Outgoing President of TPA, Tim Browning, who was elected as a member of the new NAFI Board to ensure plantation interests continue to be represented, strongly supported TPA’s integration with NAFI, saying “this is a positive step towards more comprehensive representation of Australia’s forest industry, encompassing all sectoral interests within the industry”.

“The development of ‘Special Interest Groups’ within the new NAFI structure will ensure an encompassing and participatory atmosphere for objective-based policy development. For example, a special interest group for plantations has been established to ensure ‘like-minded’ members achieve their desired objectives in relation to policy development and industry direction,” Browning said.

“This amalgamation and strengthening of Australia’s forest industry will ensure better representation in regard to the industry’s direction. NAFI is proud to continue to lead Australia’s forest industry into the future,” Pearce said.