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The most modern sawmill in Eastern Europe

One of the few sawmills in Eastern Europe that has advanced modern software and special equipment acquired from German has released its results. Source: IHB

The new sawmill Radviliškis in Lithuania was launched just six months ago and since then capacity has almost doubled: the company’s output in October was a record high – over 16,000 m3.

Prior to this development, the company’s average monthly production had been about 8000 m3.

Manufacturing in the sawmill has been fully modernized with the cutting process now controlled with computer systems.

Substantial improvements in the production process has allowed the company to expand its range of products: so far, the range had been limited to just 30 – 40 planks of different sizes, but this year the range has been significantly increased, and currently the company makes an additional 30 dimensions of planks.

The computer operated cutting process allows the company to maximise the precision of the dimensions of wooden pallet blanks and enables high quality wood products.

Products are exported to countries such as India. In 2014, the company acquired new customers in seven different countries. In general, compared with 2013, the number of new customers increased by 62%: during 2013, UAB Juodeliai began working with 48 new businesses, and by the end of October 2014 it already had 78 new customers.

Germany continues to be the main partner and the leader in the volume of purchased products although in the past year the sales percentage to Germany has declined by more than 10%.

Upcoming in 2015 the UABJuodeliai sawmill expects to increase its turnover by one and a half times. It is planned that in 2015 the company’s production capacity will increase to 205,000 m3 of products.