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Logging hours of making wooden furniture

When Millthorpe furniture maker Rod de Vries purchased 40 hardwood logs last year, those logs set him up for the renewal of his greatest passion, making solid pieces of furniture that show off the timber’s unique properties. Source: Central Western Daily

The logs were part of about 114 large hardwood logs and piles of floor boards and beams that were extracted from the former CF Williams building in Peisley Street in April of 2017.

The building was bought by Orange City Council in New South Wales and the structure demolished.

Mr de Vries previously operated Bulletproof Furniture in Millthorpe, but after a period of working in mining and real estate, the lure of timber and all its characteristics has led him to launch his furniture business once again.

This Sunday he’s opening his workshop and studio space to show people just how wonderful Australian hardwood can be.

From extra long and sturdy dining tables to shelving and shopfront fit outs, Mr de Vries said that the versatility and colour of Australian hardwoods sets it apart from anything else.

“I just love the irregularities and how the timber itself dictates what can be done with it,” he explained.

“I just love the deep, dark colour of Red Box timber and more so now because it’s so hard to find growing around the district.”

As far as possible from the throwaway nature of most modern-day furniture, the craftsman’s tables are made to last, with his family home testimony to the longevity of his pieces.

“We have a coffee table inside made from hardwood and the kids have been using it for drawings, gluing, sticky tape, the full workout,” Kirsty de Vries, Mr de Vries’ partner, said.

Not only does Mr de Vries use recycled timber, he also uses dray wheels and sulky rims to form the legs of the tables.

“I like to use as much recycled product as I can,” he said.

He also uses his own special blend of natural oils to finish the tables.

“You don’t get that depth from varnishes, the natural oils really do sink in and enhance and protect the timber,” Mr de Vries said.

Bulletproof will have an open day this Sunday between 12pm and 3pm at 83 Clover Ridge road. All are welcome to attend.