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Lifecycle assessments whitepaper

A new whitepaper has been released recently on the importance of lifecycle assessments, sponsored by composite timber specialist Innowood. Source: Architecture And Design

The paper titled Improving transparency: how lifecycle assessments help preserve our forests examines our dependency on forests in order to manufacture timber products and timber-based composites, and how deforestation and illegal felling jeopardise much more than just our ability to produce.

Timber is a timeless and natural building material that is popular in designs all around the world. The responsible sourcing of timber products used in construction is vital to the world’s economic and social wellbeing, biodiversity and climate.

Lifecycle assessments equip building professionals with the knowledge of the overall impact of a product on the environment, providing them with the information to make informed and responsible decisions.

The paper goes on to discuss forests’ multifaceted role in those aforementioned issues, before outlining the precise impacts that deforestation has. In the process of uncovering chain of custody, lifecycle assessments can help reduce the practice of deforestation by offering transparency into the process.

The whitepaper is free to download and comes with additional information on sustainable timber use and the advantages of relying on natural products. Further information is also available on Innowood and the production processes that result in their composite timber products.

To find out more about the importance of our forests and how lifecycle assessments can assist in their preservation, download Improving transparency: how lifecycle assessments help preserve our forests at life-cycle-assessments