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KPMG pine log price index report

KPMG has released the latest Australian Pine Log Price Index using data provided by Australian softwood growers. The Index documents changes in pine log prices achieved by large-scale commercial plantation owners selling common grades of plantation softwood logs to domestic processors. Sources: Timberbiz, KPMG

KPMG updates the Index biannually, with the two reporting periods being January to June and July to December. The Index has a base period of January to June 1998.

KPMG acts as the independent Index manager and collects confidential data on log volumes and stumpage values for all sales, including long and short-term contracts and spot transactions, at the end of each reporting period. Quantity information on export sawlogs and export pulpwood is also provided.

The following report presents the result of the Index from July to December 2022. The prices for all classes of sawlogs, preservation logs and export sawlogs are reported in dollars per cubic metre ($/m3). The prices for the pulplogs and export pulplogs are reported in dollars per tonne ($/t).

Contributions to the Index are made by major growers who are involved in the growing and management of softwood plantations in southern and eastern Australia. Contributing growers have changed over the years. From December 2017 HQPlantations has not contributed to the Index. The Western Australian Forest Products Commission was added for the July to December 2018 report.

You can download the report here.