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Indonesia’s bucket load of trouble

Greenpeace International has published a report that KFCs chicken buckets and other paper products are denuding Indonesia’s rain forests. Source: The Mail Online

According to Greenpeace independent testing on the fast-food restaurants’ pulp-based products in three regions of the world found fibres of tropical hardwood trees specific to Indonesia’s forests.

Global Forest Watch says the region loses approximately 5 million acres of forest to logging a year and this is having a devastating affect on plant and animal species.

The products tested included cups, boxes, French fries holders, napkins and buckets.

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), used by KFC’s parent company Yum! Brands was touted as being responsible.

KFC responded regarding its UK restaurants saying that 100 per cent of KFC UK and Ireland’s packaging is either recycled or from sustainable sources.

APP has responded to the Greenpeace report saying that as far as APP products are concerned, [Mixed Tropical Hardwood] does not come from the felling of virgin tropical rainforest trees in Indonesia.

According to APP it has strict policies and practices to ensure that only residues from legal plantation development on degraded or logged-over forest areas and sustainable wood fibre enter the production supply chain.

The company claims that MTH can be found in numerous products found internationally including recycled paper.

According to Global Forest Watch, Indonesia’s demand for wood fibre cannot be met by any sustainable domestic forest management regime.

APP’s response to Greenpeace’s report was that on June 1 2012 they will suspend all natural forest clearance on their concessions.