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Important meeting for ATDG members

The Australasian Timber Drying Group (ATDG) will hold its next meeting at The Downtowner, 66 Lygon Street, Carlton, from 9.30am on 20 February.
It has traditionally met 1-2 times per year for two days, the first day listening to members’ talks, the second day visiting sites.
“I would like to stress how important it is for a good attendance at this meeting,” said Lance Vinnell. “We have not had an ATDG meeting for some time now (maybe two years) and it would be very unfortunate for the industry to lose yet another industry-based group. This is the only one that has been focused on kiln drying. The group has always been good to get kiln drying suppliers, users and researchers all in one room to discuss in an informal way the challenges they face,” he said.
Some of the points to be raised at the 20 February meeting include:
• Some recent new kiln installation projects and technologies,
• The economic position of wood as renewable energy and others.
• Ongoing arrangements for operating the group in the light of changes within the industry and in research capacity nationally.
• New drying challenges
• Participant reports
• Flooring updates
“Depending on numbers we can also find some sites to visit on the Tuesday,” he said.

Please ring if you want to know more, and email if you will attend:-
Lance Vinnell, Mahild Drying Technologies. In AU: +61 419 895 358; (03) 9397 5972.
[email protected]