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Holz DC driving innovation for projects using CLT

Holz DC Hyperbuild Ocean Drive

The Australian construction industry is embracing innovation using Holz DC – an Australian Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) tech company that provides developers and builders access to a national collective of highly qualified independent CLT experts. Source: Timberbiz

Holz DC experts have a proven track record in delivering successful CLT solutions for residential, educational and commercial projects and have been known to deliver a 15% cost saving compared with traditional builds, with a further 20% saving on construction time.

Holz DC’s unique model sources and coordinates CLT experts from a national pool of best-in-class professionals and as a result delivers an efficient “one stop shop” to builders and developers.

Currenlty, Holz DC is working on over 200 CLT dwellings in New South Wales and Victoria.

With its national collective of experts, the company can facilitate multiple service providers including structural engineers, architects, environmental engineers, job planning, fire consultants, building surveyors/certifiers, logistics consultants, and CLT installation teams. Additionally, Holz DC introduces its clients to international CLT manufacturers and helps them facilitate better commercial terms on the supply of CLT.

From the earliest concept development through to CLT installation, Holz DC assists by optimising the build time and quality of each project. This enables the builder or developer to concentrate on doing what they do best, while Holz DC coordinates the pool of experts on their behalf to deliver a quality, cost effective and time efficient project using CLT.

Holz DC-Theo Pasialis

“Holz DC is driving genuine innovation across both residential and commercial construction industries,” Holz DC’s director construction, Theo Pasialis said.

“We are the premier CLT company in Australia, offering unparalleled access to all relevant experts, and we’re currently working with many forward-thinking, developers, builders and architects on hundreds of projects across the country. As time moves forward, I expect to hear from many more who see the huge opportunity Holz DC represents for their own business.”

Mr Pasialis said his company was continually open to talking with builders and developers who are focused on delivering more efficient projects.

“Our aim is not to replace a builder or developer’s team of experts for a project, but rather to add value to them throughout the entire design and construction process by providing access to our pool of experts who are focused entirely on CLT. That way, builders and developers can maximise their investment and use a revolutionary building material at the same time.”

CLT is generally more cost effective than structural steel or concrete, and outperforms conventional framed construction materials for airtightness, thermal insulation, internal moisture management, acoustic insulation and fire resistance.

As a wood product, it is a totally renewable carbon neutral construction material, boasting the lowest energy consumption of any other building product.

“Holz DC is continually innovating and we are working with both international and domestic experts to extend the use and capabilities of CLT so that it becomes an even more efficient and environmentally-friendly building product,” Mr Pasialis said

For more information contact Theo Pasialis on 1300 545 711 or email [email protected]


First CLT Triplex in Australia, Ocean Beach Drive, Shellharbour, NSW

During early 2018, Holz DC worked with construction company Hyperbuild on their residential development, the first Triplex in Australia made from CLT.

Holz DC’s involvement included shop drawings, co-ordination of CLT supply, logistics, and CLT installation.

Located in Ocean Beach Drive, Shellharbour NSW, this development used more than 350 CLT panels, weighing over 80 tonnes.

The CLT erection time was scheduled to be an efficient 20 days, but the Holz DC team of CLT experts had it completed in just 15 days, thanks to the combination of the use of eco-friendly product solutions with revolutionary building technology and materials.