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HIA Housing 100 results

At the annual HIA Housing 100 breakfast yesterday which ranks Australia’s largest 100 residential builders found that WA based BGC was the biggest. Source: Timberbiz

BGC started 3443 dwellings in 2012/13 all in Western Australia. The company reported 3095 detached house starts and 348 unit starts last financial year.

Alcock/Brown-Neaves Group was ranked Australia’s second largest builder in with 3199 housing starts, building in Western Australia and Victoria.

Melbourne-based builder Metricon Homes was ranked third with 2837 housing starts, building in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia.

Meriton Apartments was the nation’s largest multi-unit builder with 2573 starts. This result moved the company up the overall rankings ladder from number 10 in 2011/12 to number four in 2012/13.

Eleven builders who featured in the 2012/13 HOUSING 100 did not make the list the previous year.

In 2012/13 there were three builders who moved into the top 20 from outside that ranking range the previous year – Hickinbotham Group of Companies, Content Living, and McDonald Jones Homes.

In keeping with the national trend, the number of HOUSING 100 starts increased in 2012/13. The total number of HOUSING 100 starts rose by 7.7% to 51,102.

“The increase in HOUSING 100 starts in 2012/13 was the first experienced in three years, itself an encouraging result,” said HIA chief economist, Dr Harley Dale.

“The key question for the industry, the HOUSING 100, and the overall Australian economy, is whether a rise in national and HOUSING 100 starts in 2012/13 can be repeated.

“Current policy settings lack the extent of focus on the residential construction industry that Australia’s economy and population require. It looks likely that disparities across regions and dwelling types will net out to a renewed decline in national housing starts in 2013/14.

“That would hardly be a tick in the box for a successful transitioning of growth in the Australian Economy.”

In 2012/13 the largest 100 builders started 40,214 detached houses (up 12.0% from 35,909) and 10,888 units and townhouses (down 5.7% from 11,551).

The largest 100 builders held a 33% share of Australia-wide housing starts in 2012/13, the same as the previous year.

In 2012/13 the market share for the HOUSING 100 detached house builders was 44%, up from 40% in 2011/12.

The ‘multi-unit’ share for the HOUSING 100 fell from 21% in 2011/12 to 17% in 2012/13