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FSC webinar today for FSC Regulatory Module Risk Assessment Framework

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has published the FSC Regulatory Module, an updated FSC Risk Assessment Framework, and various Advice Notes to bolster its commitment to sustainable forestry. These changes are immediately effective for users of the FSC Regulatory Module. A webinar this afternoon at 5pm AEST will guide participants through the newly published FSC requirements, effective 1 July 2024. Source: Timberbiz

The key requirements include:

FSC-STD-01-004 FSC Regulatory Module

FSC-PRO-60-006b Risk Assessment Framework & Advice Notes

The session will feature an overview presentation of these requirements, followed by a Q&A session.

More than 5000 individuals attended the global launch event on July 3, unveiling FSC Aligned for EUDR. Watch the recording here.

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FSC Regulatory Module

This new voluntary add-on module FSC-STD-01-004 FSC Regulatory Module supports EUDR compliance by providing additional requirements for Forest Management, Chain of Custody, and Controlled Wood Certification as well as accreditation requirements. It is designed to help companies use their FSC certification to meet EUDR’s stringent requirements by taking the guesswork out of what is required on top of FSC certification. The module outlines robust due diligence systems, conducting thorough risk assessments with FSC’s Risk Assessment Framework, and maintaining transparent supply chain documentation.

Download the module in the Document Centre here.

Learn more about the Regulatory Module here.

FSC Risk Assessment Framework

After a thorough, chamber-balanced revision, the FSC-PRO-60-006b FSC Risk Assessment Framework is now published and immediately effective for users of the Regulatory Module and developers of risk assessments. The revision process began in 2021 and was further strengthened through the alignment with EUDR. The new framework provides a comprehensive tool for companies to assess and mitigate risks of sourcing forest materials.

With 64 indicators for assessing risks connected to relevant social and environmental aspects, FSC’s Risk Assessment Framework is aligned with EUDR regulatory requirements to ensure responsible sourcing.  The next generation of FSC’s existing risk assessments for controlled wood sourcing will be based on this updated framework. Download the FSC Risk Assessment Framework in the Document Centre here.

System-wide Changes through Advice Notes

To further tighten the FSC system to deliver deforestation-free products, FSC fast-tracked the implementation of changes from the intention of FSC’s Policy to Address Conversion. These changes are introduced to the existing system in the form of Advice Notes – which will ultimately ensure products are deforestation and degradation-free in alignment with the EUDR and do not enter the system and become FSC-certified. Additional Advice Notes for chain of custody and controlled wood users are included to support the implementation of the Regulatory Module and align with global best practices. The following Advice Notes have been published and are immediately effective for users of the FSC Regulatory Module:

  • ADVICE-20-007-24 Deforestation-free products from FSC-Certified management units
  • ADVICE-20-007-02 Certification of Primary Forests
  • ADVICE-40-004-26 Inclusion of the FSC Regulatory Claim
  • ADVICE-40-005-27 Use of FSC-PRO-60-006b Risk Assessment Framework
  • ADVICE-20-011-19 Evaluation of the use of FSC-PRO-60-006b Risk Assessment Framework.

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